(Many Worlds Interpretation)

Sketch multimedia installation MWI

MWI is a multimedia installation that explores the beauty of emotions and their importance in our communication. We should not take it for granted because there are persons who have difficulties understanding emotions, for example, someone who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Office Prof. dr. A. Bartels (1969)

Office Prof. dr. N. Bartels (2016)

The installation is about the fictional life of Prof. dr. Niles Bartels, a neuroscientist, specialized in emotions who has ASD. There is a focus on various periods of his life, beginning with his birth in 1963, when autism was still considered a rare disorder.  Since then, the face of autism has changed, but it is still hard to define and surrounded by many misconceptions. We learn about emotions through objects, videos, and photographs and how he and his family specifically dealt with them.

Personal index of emotions by Prof. dr. Niles Bartels

I feel that my research on emotions is becoming useless because I can’t apply it on a cell phone or a computer screen. It’s a complete new research. I feel sad because emotions are so beautiful, and I don’t understand why it is downgraded to a set of emojis on a computer screen. I wonder if people aren’t becoming a bit like me? Will people need my research in about 100 or 200 years?

Prof. dr. Niles Bartels, 1 August 2017

Selection of Prof. dr. Niles Bartels personal Archive